Our advice for a beautiful tanned skin !

Do you know ?
  • Bronze exfoliated skin up to 3 times faster !
  • Moisturize your skin, regenerate and intensify the color of the tan !
Before your tanning session

It is recommended to have a skin without makeup, without cosmetics and without perfume.

The reason is simple : in some cases and in some people, these cosmetics can cause, as in the sun, small phosensitization reactions.

Our center has a dedicated area for make-up removal.

Do not apply any protective cream before your session.

Once in your booth, remove your jewelry too as these can be "hot spots".

During your tanning session

You can choose to do your session in underwear or completely naked.

You must always wear your special UV glasses during the sesssion.

They are not simple sunglasses.

Lower the lid completely as soon as you are properly installed.

Adjust the intensity of the air conditioning, choose the solarium music or your own by connecting your smartphone.

Once the session starts, you just have to relax !

Our scrubs Chelsea Beauty and the Shower Gel Supertan will allow you to sublimate your tan !

Cleansing wipe

Clean for Tan 

All makeup removers are not suitable for the sunbed.

Indeed, some products may leave on the skin components that can react poorly to UVs.

"Clean for Tan" wipes are perfect for gently removing makeup and all skin fat. In this way, your skin will be perfectly prepared for an optimal tan and your tanning cosmetics penetrate all the better.

Each wipe is wrapped individually and is filled with a mixture of jojoba oil and witch hazel to maintain the natural balance of the skin.