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UV booster collagen tanning vitamin D
TURBO 7900 Alpha Deluxe CPI IntelliSun

Instant results with this luxury solarium, N°1 on the world market !

With its technologies:

- Turbo Power Intellisun

- Vitamin D Booster

- Collagen Booster

- Anti Aging

- Air conditioner

- AquaCool

- Aroma therapy

-Music MP3 Bluetooth

- Pre selection on touch screen

You will get an unequaled result from the first session.

At your exit, you will be relaxed, relaxed and boosted thanks to the high intensity tubes and lamps, red booster tubes of Vitamin D and leds ruby Collagen.


Vitamin D



TURBO Tower Pure ENERGY 5.0 

Latest evolution of 360 degree turbo vertical tanning.

Get a natura, consistent, deep and intense result from your first session.

With its technologies:

- Turbo Power Intellisun 5.0

- Air conditioner

- AquaCool

-Music MP3 Bluetooth

- Pre selection on touch screen

Tower tannig energy collagen
UV tannig tower stand-up with collagen music bleuthooth iphone
MAGNUM TURBO Q15 Power Limited Edition

A limited series for an exclusive tan !

Simplicity combined with efficiency for a natural tan and turbo.

The advantages of this limited series:

-Turbo Power

- High intensity face lamps

- Shoulder tubes and high intensity body

- Air conditioner

- AquaCool

- Music MP3 Smartphones

- Selection on touch screen





tanning sunbed limited serie turbo uv
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