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Visible results
lasting after 12 sessions

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Average of the results obtained on 22 people after 12 sessions of BodySculptor exCell+ in express cure. Clinical test carried out under the medical supervision of Dr Ghislaine Beilin, Aesthetic Physician.

In addition to refining your silhouette, our protocol
"Slimming + Firming"
offers a real
skin tightening
and a flat stomach result.

Who is the BodySculptor slimming program for?

Aux women who wish

lose their belly
at the time of menopause

Find their line and their belly
dish after their pregnancy

fight loss
their skin tone

Have thin hips and put on
their bikini during the holidays

To all men

Anxious to get rid
from their belly

Anxious to get rid 
of their love handles

Option at your place/your place/for you
1 hour/day for 1 month = 1 size

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