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Our tips for beautiful tanned skin!

lunettes obligatoire
Before your tanning session
solarium megasun
During your tanning session
Do you know ?
  • Hydrate your skin, regenerates and intensifies the color of the tan!

It is recommended to have a skinwithout makeup, without cosmetics andwithout perfume. The reason is simple: in some cases and in some people, these cosmetic products can cause, like in the sun, small photosensitization reactions.

Our center provides a space dedicated to make-up removal.

Above all, do not apply protective cream before your session. Once in your cabin, also remove your jewels because these can constitute "points chauds". 

You can choose to do your session in your underwear or completely naked.

You must always wear your special UV glassesduring the session. These are not simple  sunglasses!


Completely lower the cover as soon as you are properly seated. Adjust the intensity of the air conditioning, choose the music from the solarium or the your by connecting your smartphone. Once the session has started, all you have to do is relax!

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