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Perfectionist in its positive form to provide you with energy for great performance, tenacity and meticulous attention to detail to bring you the best.... It's my trajectory, my philosophy, my soul, my life...


My instructions: simplicity is the habit of perfection.  

So the details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.


My priorities, responsibility and dedication to welcome you a warm setting or reign human values.


Together, let us strive for excellence in the discipline, rigor and consistency of your efforts.

Simplicity and Authenticity for you, for us, for everyone.


A center with 4 techniques

1. Tanning with high tech & high level solariums, latest technologies, powerful and safe.


2. Thinking, method has from effectiveness for twenty years. From medical and sscientific studies.


3. Sculpt and build your body according to the technique of high level athletes.

Muscle electrostimulation allows intense contraction of target muscles for more results in difficult or even inaccessible areas.


4.Skin treatment. Face and body. Technical once again with common sense on 3 actions:

has. Optimal macro exfoliation

b. Massage by high frequency exfoliation

vs. Luminotherapy


The only care that simultaneously treats the appearance and structure of the skin.

Technique resulting from the research of 2 french cosmetic surgeons with the primary aim of attenuating postoperative scars. 

4a. GLOBAL INNOVATION (in your center from November 24, 2022)

ULTRA-LIFTING NeoLift Unique technique on the market which combines a PERFORMING ELECTRIC DUO

A high frequency current = (radio frequency) new FRACTAL


A low frequency current = new electrostimulation

An immediate result: our target: sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles

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